Who we are

Dear Internet user,

I'm Tullio Cosentino, the owner of this online shop.

I would have liked to start this presentation like those of many other sites, saying that I am a young and dynamic entrepreneur who makes use of the collaboration of a staff of people with a lot of qualifications, background and sung mass. All accompanied by photographs with smiling faces, thumbs in the air or index and middle fingers posed in a V of victory! And all strictly in uniform.

I would have told almost the truth because I am young for being (but not very young, in fact I am just sixty years old). Regarding my staff, what I can say without fear of denial is that it works in perfect harmony with me. In fact it is made up of… myself!

What is certain is that I have a lot of experience: I have been a commercial agent, wholesaler and retailer in the sector of jewelery, goldsmith and watchmaking since 1982. In my early twenties, I traveled miles and miles by car first as a representative and subsequently as a wholesaler.

At thirty-five I opened a jewelry store in Riposto, in the province of Catania, I started this e-commerce business. The reason?

I try to explain it. As a young man I covered a lot of kilometers ...

Tullio Cosentino