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Joy, spontaneity and love for the beauties of our land are the characteristics that distinguish this watch from others: a still image with the sensations that Sicily gives you. Wear a Mizzica Time watch, emotions without filters!
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In Sicily, the art of ceramics has very ancient origins. The city of Caltagirone is known all over the world for the decorative and executive technique of its master craftsmen. Here we propose a collection of Mori heads: vases that are a combination of art, history and legend rather than a piece of furniture.
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The egg: universal symbol of life, fertility, prosperity and luck. Made entirely by hand, according to the ancient techniques of Sicilian ceramic processing, it is combined with silver, coral and semi-precious stones to obtain a unique and unrepeatable jewel.
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The coffa is the basket of the Sicilian rural tradition used in the past to give fodder to horses or as a container placed on mules and used for transporting the material. These typical baskets are obtained from the artisanal weaving of the curina, the tender and very resistant part of the Sicilian dwarf palm leaves, which has the shape and beauty of a normal palm plant while remaining small in size. Today the crow's nest changes its appearanc
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News from Gioielli di Sicilia: Etna's lava stone is ceramic coated, printed with exclusive subjects and combined with semi-precious stones and 925 ‰ silver plated with yellow gold to offer you new and unique emotions.